Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom is ALWAYS right..uugh!

Let me first start off by saying that I am sorry for the layout of this blog!! I have spent about 30 minutes placing pictures, only to find they move and go where they want when I click on 'Publish Post'.. what a pain!! So.. here it is, I can't get them aligned.. Anyone out there know the secret? This seems to always happen when I post more than one photo and it goes especially bonkers when they are various sizes.. Whatever!! Onto the post...

The first spring after we moved into our house, I was very excited to get to work on the front flowerbed. The contractor had put in a few bushes and some monkey grass, but other than that, it seemed really barren to me. Determined to "fix that," I invited my parents up to help me out. In case you didn't know, my parent's have super-green thumbs and much to my Mom's surprise, this gene has also passed to me. I say surprise, because she is amazed that any plant and survive under my care since I always forget to water them.

Well, I was telling mom what I thought should go where.. and she said, "Bev, don't plant so much together because in time these plants will grow and need more room." Of course I didn't listen to that sage advice - uugh!! And now look.. she was right all along!!!! Sorry Mom for not listening - again! We spent this past weekend 'moving' plants, weeding, mulching.... you get the picture. I do love the way my crazy garden looks.. there really isn't any rhyme or reason for the placement of the plants, other than I just thought "that'll look nice there" Ha! There also isn't any symmetry, but I kinda like it that way..
So, I thought I would share pictures with you and my Mom (my #1 blog reader).. See Mom.. I know we talked about this on the phone, but now you can see.. What do you think? And look at the picture of the ivy.. I thought it had died.. but alas.. it' alive... it's really alive - ha! and.. just as planned, it is starting to creep up the side of the house. We had a discussion about this, should we let it continue to creep? My DH says it will destroy the masonry.. ok.. in about 100 years, and I really won't care then... right? What do you think.. keep it tame or let it grow?

Well.. I'm off to get some Lantana.. that is my new favorite flower this year- gotta fill in those brown spots - ha!! ...Oh, and the little white flags are to keep our Snuggles out of the flower bed.. Last year she dug up the beautiful Dogwood tree my kids gave me for Mother's Day, then chewed it to pieces!!! Anyone need a dog?? Just kidding, we love her.


Our nephew Kyle has been taking flight lessons and had his first solo flight this past Sunday. We all camped out at the base of the tower at the airport and watched as he did 3 touch and goes with his instructor, then again all by himself - eeekkk!! Congrats Kyle!!! We are so proud of you!!


jdmommy said...

I have the same problem when posting pictures...they go wherever they want!! Your flowers look wonderful, and congrats to the new pilot! How exciting!!!

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Hi Beverly,

Can I have your garden? So much nicer than mine. I moved into a new place in the country a couple of years ago and sad to say the only things growing are what were there to begin with (okay, but not very inspiring). I guess I'm still freaked at living somewhere with seasons! About the time I'm ready to plant or do something it's always too late!!! Gardening is the only time I miss Southern California where I could plant something almost any time of the year. Be careful with the lantana. If yours is anything like the stuff I lived with for years its pretty but extremely allergy inducing. Even my husband who rarely reacted to anything had to wear long sleeves and a jacket to trim the fast growing stuff. And any of the stuff that got on the cats fur automatically transferred to us and then the rashes began in earnest! On the other hand the butterflies and hummingbirds (possibly bees too) are nuts for the stuff. And if you are into grafting and staking its possible to create a rainbow tree/bush that has some of every color of lantana known to man (or woman - LoL).

Thanks for sharing all the fun photos and making me drool over yet another lovely garden. As for the ivy hmmm....once it gets a grip its a bugger of a job to change your mind and get rid of the stuff. Kind of like committing to a marriage!

And congratulations to the new pilot in the family! Does everyone still have their fingernails intact? :D

Hugs and blessings - Jean

Julia Aston said...

Well - Beverly - you sure have some lovely colorful plants in your garden! Your season is so far ahead of ours! My bleeding hearts are just starting to shoot up and get some buds on them - hope to get to edging and mulching this weekend (if I stop stamping long enough!) how scary/exciting for your nephew - and all you spectators!!

Lynn Mercurio said...

Wow, what beautiful flowers you have around your home. One day I plan on being able to hire a gardner to do my yard work...I love the look, but HATE the work...lol.

Loved seeing all of your single engine photos. I used to work at the Cessna Single Engine plate in Independence, KS, so I just love general aviation. I worked in the offices, mostly, and spent 6 months helping to prep the planes for deliver...(that was a long 6 months...lol)

Anonymous said...

Looks great even if you don't like it but the secret is when you are in the post.. click HTML tab in the posting thing on the top of the field. You will see it clearly when you look for it. Anyhoo that will let you sort of move things (but make sure you copy ALL the html link stuff) where you prefer it to be. Its tricky but that's what I do when my pics just appear in spots that makes no sense LOL Love the pics by the way!

Anonymous said...

Bev I really like your front garden; gonna be beautiful. Is that a new azelea in the corner? Where did you move the rose bush; a sunny place, I hope. Lovely pic's and good of Kyle flying. Love you all MOM

Anne said...

Wow, your garden is amazing!! You have no idea how this looks compared to my city patio garden. It's just GOJUS GF!! You are surrounded by color!! I love how your creativity flows out the doors of your house!!

ps...have you tried putting in Carrier Returns above or after text to move the pics around in your posts. (It actually looks cool the way you left it though!!) :)

Valarie (vampme3) said...

Hi Beverly...Love your garden! Especially the bleeding hearts, they have a special sentimental meaning for me! Btw, I got the blog candy!...WOW! What a pleasant surprise! Can't wait to play with all those goodies!!! Especially love the stamp set! Thank you sooooo much!!!

I have the same problem with pics in Blogger...sometimes they go sideways...haven't been able to figure out how to fix them either!


Leigh said...

Love all your old fashioned flowers. I can't even plant a petunia without the wild bunnies eating them or sleeping in them. Although is is sorta cute to see them.

Joan Ervin said...

Your garden is gorgeous, Beverly...I love all the colors and different plants!!! I have been digging in the dirt a little, too....sooo many plants, sooo little time!!! I think you need to come to Texas and work on mine!!! Congtats to the new pilot, too...quite an accomplishment for a young man!!!


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