Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Aren't these little mummies just the cutest. A parent made them for us last year and I just loved them so I had to try them for myself (thanks Kelly!!). I am making about 4.3 million of them for Halloween. They will go to my students as well as the teachers at my kid's elementary school. They are super easy to make. Here is how I made them...

Supplies: oreos, candy wafers (white & brown), sticks, bags, ribbon, parchment paper, tray
Step 1: Insert stick into center of oreo cookie. Don't use cookies that are cracked, they will break which may result in foul language.
Step 2: Melt wafers. I used a microwave/oven-safe mug. Will hold 1 bag of wafers. From my experience, it takes about 2 bags of wafers per oreo pack, resulting in approximately 25 mummies. Follow directions for melting on bag. 30 second intervals at 50% power.

Step 3: Dip cookie into chocolate. Then place on parchment.

Step 4: Melt brown chocolate in zippy bag. 15 second intervals at 50% power. Snip corner. The squeeze out to make eyes.
Step 5: Put remaining white chocolate from mug into a zippy bag. Reheat if necessary. Snip corner. Zig-zag across oreo to make the mummy wrap.
Step 6: Place tray in freezer for ~15 minutes.

Step 7: Remove from freezer and place in food-safe bags, secure with decorative ribbon. Add a Halloween tag if you like. I may add tags later if I have time.

Thanks for looking!!


Tammi said...

Hi Beverly! These are sooo great! I may just have to try and make them! Wish you lived closer so I could just snag a few of your billion! Hope you are doing well!!

The Worst Mom Ever. Really. said...

Okay, LOVE these! Thanks for the step by step. Will have to make some for this weekend.

Tabby said...

Oh my goodness how cute! I might need to buy me some oreos and other supplies so we can have some mummy cookies!

Beverly said...

I think you should Tabby... they are so easy, Griffin could help you. They have become a big hit around my house!


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