Friday, February 29, 2008


LSC156 - I wrote the verses of the song on my card & LSC157 - easter lilly..I was making some cards and this song came on.. wow! It is so powerful, I had to put down my stamp and stand up and dance... as I am dancing around singing... this card comes to mind.. I just love this song. If you have never heard it.. it is by the Newsboys.. AWESOME! Hope you have a listen... and even more that you are FREE! BTW.. doesn't the lead singer look like the Splitcoast Guy?? or is it just me?card reads....Through You the blind will see...Through You the mute will sing...Through You the dead will rise...Through You our hearts will praise...Through You the darkness flees...Through You my heart screams I AM FREE!!!I AM FREE TO RUN!I AM FREE TO DANCE!I AM FREE TO LIVE FOR YOU!I AM FREE!

1 comment:

KM said...

Love my Lord and savior.
Love the song.
Love the Newsboys.
Love the card.
Nicely done!


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