Friday, February 29, 2008


OK... so are you like me??? Have more cards saved in your favorites file than in your actual gallery?? I took a look at my faves and realized I had a reason for saving all of those fabulous cards... because I wanted to CASE them!!! Just something about them inspired me to make one of my own.. kwim?? So, today, I dedcided to begin the journey of actually doing just that... I am going to try to participate in the daily challenge and at the same time case a card that I saved in my faves.. then pm the original creator.. Having said that, here is the first. I love Jen's LSC for today.. and I have many cards floating around in my brain waiting to come out.. but first.. here is my CASE of shestamps72... I really didn't change much. I love the colors she chose (a CC I think), and I love the design.
What I did change...
1. card size.. I decided to make a long & skinny, so I tweaked the layout just a little.
2. stamp
3. ribbonI could have added more embellishments.. but wanted to keep it simple and "limited"..So, thanks to Jen for a fun challenge.. and thanks to Stacy White (shestamps72) for a great card to CASE! Here is a link to her original..

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