Sunday, December 28, 2008


See the new sparkly banner? I just wanted to try it on for size. I don't particularly like it and want it gone, but can't get it remove it!!! What's up with that?!? Does anyone out there have any idea? I am really frustrated!


Tabitha said...

Bev, I do think it is cool. I was going to ask how you got your banner so long.

To get rid of your banner I think you just need to go into your blog set up I think the layout and then you should see some html code in the banner area, of course I am assuming you entered in your blog information when you created this with imagechef. Had this happen to me before with a background and they automatically put it in there so see if you see any html codes in your banner area under your layout! Hope that makes some sense??

Anne said...


Many blessings to you this year my friend!! Hope its a fabulous day, and you get spoiled rotten!!!

Big Giant Hugs!!!

Julia Aston said...

Hi Beverly!! kind of clueless in how to get rid of the banner - hope you can figure it out!?!? I'm not too technically oriented myself - I usually play around with stuff and suddenly it happens!

Hope you had a wonderful b'day!!

many hugs,

Joan Ervin said...

Whoohoo!!! Happy 29th b-day, gf!!! Just put your card in the mail today...nothing like being a day late and a dollar short!!! Hope all you dreams come true!!!I kinda like that snowy banner!!!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

sorry you don't like the banner, you should be able to go to the blogger set up and delete it....I hope you fix get it fixed. hugs to you! *~*

Annapurna said...

Beautiful new pic.

In your blog settings, html, look for "anmb6d3668442f62b21.gif". Replace that with something you had before.

Who did your blog as wide as it is? Ask them for help, if you can't figure it out.

Happy New Year!

Betty Wright aka gbedwright said...

Beverly, I am NOT sure, but if you go to layout and the edit banner and click remove or any html codes in the box, it should remove it. I am totally clueless about this, but this is what I do with my stuff. HTH!!!

It really is kind of cute. LOl!!!!


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