Monday, December 1, 2008


I have two awards to share with you. I am going to combine them, and give them to some fellow bloggers...

The first award is a Kreative Blogger award that I recieved from two fellow bloggers: SarahK at Encouraging Impressions, and my good bud Joan Ervin at Stamping with a Passion. They both gave me this award within a couple of days of each other. Thank you Sarah, for your kind comments and for selecting me to recieve this award. Thank you Joan for sharing your awesome talent and participating in the Double Dare Challenges.

The second award was recieved from my friend Tammi at tjsmemories. Tammi passed along the "Your Blog Rocks & Your the Best Blogging Buddy" award. Thank you Tammi. If you haven't visited Tammi's blog, you should. She is a SUPER-FANTASTIC scrapbooker. I just love looking at her pages.

Now to pass these fabulous awards on to some fellow bloggers... I decided to pass it along to all who read this.. I see that these have been around the blog-o-sphere a couple of times in my search to nominate folks who haven't gotten it.. So, thanks for the awards, and if you are reading this, consider yourself nominated..(that includes you Mom.. even though you don't have a blog - my passion for crafting is ALL your fault!)..


Tammi said...

Thanks for the kind words Beverly!!

Joan Ervin said...

Congrats, are sooo deserving of all these awards!!!


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