Saturday, May 30, 2009


I went to a fellow demo's house the other night to make some cute card purses with matching card sets. We used the Cheep Talk set to make our projects. I don't have this set, but really loved using it. As usual, I talked more and faster that I stamped and didn't get all of the projects done. Well, Lori graciously let me bring the set home to complete my cards. In return, I made this card for her.

What a fun set.. I think this will definitely be on my next order! Thanks Lori!!


Cherie said...

Cute card! TFS

Tabitha said...

This is super cute Bev! Love how you poked the holes around the branch and the birds. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bev, I do like the little bird. You know how I love birds.....MOM
Cute card, ,too.

Valarie (vampme3) said...

What a sweet card!!! Love the colors!


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