Monday, December 7, 2009


What an excellent way to start off my week!! When I checked the mail today, I found this wonderful Christmas RAK from my good friend Anne aka jdmommy on SCS. This card really has the "WOW" factor and is really quite simple. The silver ribbon and bows really add a perfect finishing touch. Thanks Anne for this gorgeous card.. the first we've recieved this season - woot!

As promised... This is my small Santa collection. I decided to display it in the window on the stairwell. I never know what to put in this big window.

Next we have my small hand-painted village. These were pieces I bought at Michael's eons ago. I love how they turned out. Some of the pieces have paint chipped off (thanks kids)... so a few need a touch-up. But I love the way it looks on the never used dining room table, especially in the dark with the lights on under the gold netting. I used large North Carolina pinecones for trees and minature cones for bushes.

Thanks for looking..


Tabby said...

The snow is so pretty on top of the houses. What a fun decoration and a neat idea to have it as your table runner!

Julia Aston said...

what a pretty card from dear Anne! love the ornaments and punched edge (I covet that punch and haven't been able to find it!)

Love your pretty village on your table - how festive it looks there!


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