Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A fun time was had by all. As usual, it poured down rain as soon as we started making our way to the State park.. However, we were lucky that by the time we got there the rain had stopped although it threatened to continue.... so, no campfire but the kids did use their flashlights to find frogs (poor things)! Saturday was a beautiful day... the morning was very chilly, then the sun decided to show it's face and warm things up.. The kids spent most of the time riding bikes, jumping rope, and playing with whatever other things they brought.. Allison of course took about a gazillion horses, which she and Tessa played with, Sarah packed lots of stuff that mysteriously never made it into the camper or truck.. hmm.. one of her bags did make the trip, but she didn't have any shoes and only one change of clothes... thank you Sondra and Corrinn for sharing your clothes and shoes! We went to participate in a butterfly craft and the girls had fun making those while the Dad's and the boys went fishing. I really wanted the kids to participate in a Build-a-Butterfly Bungalow activity they had later that day, but everyone changed their minds - bummer, I really wanted one... it would have been the perfect mother's day gift.. *pout*... Instead, the girls went fishing with the Dad's and the boys and Mom's stayed back at camp and chilled. In all I think 10 rainbow trout were caught! Saturday night we did enjoy at great campfire with lots of roasted marshmallows, smores.. and oreo cookies - yum! Sunday Shannon and I went on a hike while everyone else fished or worked on packing up. It was a really nice weekend!


'Nilla Wafer said...

Sounds and looks like fun! I love the night time pick with the glow sticks around everyone's necks! What state park were you at?

Julia Aston said...

Looks like you all had a super fun 'living outside' time! Can't believe you all are in shorts - it's still 60 degrees up here in Mass! Thanks for sharing these fun pics!


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