Friday, April 25, 2008


I attended a meeting the other day, where one of my sidelines demos a new technique. Darlene showed us how to make these cute little milk cartons.. I think they are so adorable.. not to mention I got to play with her scor-pal! Nice! She warned us to pay attention to the direction we were scoring, etc because of the stems on the image... yada, yada, yada... of course mine ended up, upside down. Is anyone surprised by that?! I always seem to do things upside down and backwards... just how my mind works, and could possibly explain why I still can't tie a proper bow. Thanks Delores and Debbie for trying to show me how to do that.. still not mastered.. aargh..

Now for the real SURPRISE! A dear friend and neighbor of mine, Edith, and I participate in a little surprise swap. It all began when she came to my first open house as a new demo a couple of months ago. We hit it off right away as we are both avid crafters. (you should see her attic)... Edith creates some AMAZING stuff... and she sells her stuff at local festivals, a store downtown, and a place in NC... her business is called Attic Elves.... (just love that).. but I digress.. I bought some of these ginormous clothespins from AC Moore and thought it would be fun if I gave her one to decorate. I would also decorate one and then we would swap.. Here is her completed project! WOWSA! I haven't finished mine yet, but the wheels in my mind are turning.. I'm still playing catch-up from our vacation... so, I wanted to share hers and will post a pic of mine when it is all done. She also gave me our next challenge - a clear, glass, bowl....hhhmmm.. I'm thinking rub-ons.....and few other fun embellies..

Thanks for looking.. we are off for a camping weekend with 4 other families!! Should be fun!


LeAnne said...

Don't "bee" so hard on yourself---this is how we doing things upside down! You are NOT the only one who has done this, for sure! I love these little milk cartons, they sure are cute & I'll bet no one even notices about the direction of the flowers!

Julia Aston said...

Love your milk carton Beverly even if it is stamped upside down (I can't really notice that!) beautiful flowers on it- and what a fun GIANT clothes pin- what fun to have a crafty neighbor you do challenges with! Hope you had a great time camping!


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