Friday, April 18, 2008


Well we came back from our vacation kicking and! DH and I had a fabulous week without the kids. We did however go with some friends of ours and stayed at the Aventura Spa Palace in Playa del Carmen, located 50 miles south of Cancun in Quintana Roo, Mexico. We would highly recommend this particular place if you are looking for a quiet, relaxing vacation without children. This resort is for 18 and older.. so we did not even have to "listen" to anyone's, indeed it was quiet. The pool bar did get pick up a little around 3 in the afternoon, but nothing obnoxious. We decided that the food was nothing to write home about, but the service was MUY EXCELLENTE! So nice when people stop what they are doing to look you in the eye and say hello with a smile. I decided that I do NOT like squid and do not care to ever try it again. However, I am really missing the fresh home-made coconut ice cream. I have never had anything like it before.... so creamy, cold, with a slight flavor of coconut..YUM! We saw a lot of pretty fish in the lagoon and on a snorkeling outing.. I haven't had a chance to get those pics developed yet.. but will post as soon as I do. We did get to watch a couple of shows put-on at the resort. The Mayan show was spectacular.. Their costumes alone were absolutely amazing, Shannon and I decided that body paint looks really nice on dark-skinned, well-toned men - LOL! By Saturday we were really missing our kids, and by Tuesday were ready to return. We also decided that we liked going mid-week and coming back mid-week.. we were able to enjoy a full weekend at the resort and the noticable "lull" that occurs when most people are traveling.. also the airport was not a busy mid-week. We also loved having a direct flight from Washington-Dulles to Cancun - only a 4 hour flight - woohoo!

At the Spa I enjoyed the best back massage I have ever had, followed unfortunately by a mediocre facial.. oh well.. The hydrotherapy was well worth it.. sort of like a circut starting with a cool shower, 15 min in the sauna or steam room, cool shower, herbal tea, 15 min in the 90 degree hot tub, followed by a dip in the cold-plunge, then 15 min in the 100 degree hot tub, followed by the cold-plunge, then sitting with only feet in a hot whirlpool, then scented wrap on eyes... great time for prayer! I thought, could I do this on a regular basis - answer, Of course!... who doesn't love to be pampered! I also enjoyed a pedicure on another day, but promptly chipped off my beautiful polish on the bottom of the pool during the water aerobics! waaaahhh! So... hope you are able to go to the Riviera Maya one day.. it is the most beautiful carribean water I have ever seen!

I think that I had one of these iguanas for dinner one night--yuck!

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Julia Aston said...

what an absolutley wonderful place Beverly! thanks for sharing these great pics! I don't know how you could make yourselves leave this!!


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