Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am proud to annouce I am the recipient of the Butterfly Award. Now what is so special about this award, is not the award in itself (although it is way cool).. but, that it was given to me by Betty Wright, Stamping to the Wright (who was given the award from Amy Sheffer, Pickled Paper Designs, another stamping Rock Star.) I just love Betty Wright. I have stalked her gallery since I first joined SCS a little over a year ago. I have admired her style and cased several of her cards. Not only is she an amazing stamper, she is kind, willing to share and encourages others. Thanks for the award Betty, I can't believe you look at my blog and I am honored to be in such company!

In the spirit of Blog Awards.... I extend this Butterfly Award to the following...

  1. Chat - Me, My Stamps, & I - not only do I love her cards... I enjoy her blogtunes...

  2. Anne Harada - Everlasting Ink - aka Itsapassion... she is SO much fun to stamp with.. I just love her stuff, her energy, and her comments...

  3. Allison - Embellished Paper - Those Canadians Rock!

  4. Shelli Gardner - SoShelli - Was having a blah day... maybe this will encourage her! Besides, isnt' Stampin' UP! and rubber synonomous?! And who isn't glad that she decided to start that small, little company in her livingroom!!!

  5. Kristina Werner - KWerner Design Blog - Her blog really is about the coolest blog I know! She had me at MACM!!

  6. Heather Nichols - Pinefeather - Pine is Here - I love the diversity of her crafting.. I never leave her blog without being inspired!

  7. GinaK - A Day in the Life - Besides loving her style of stamps, she is about one of the most generous people I know - always giving away stuff!!

  8. Tenia Nelson - Jazzy Paper Designs - She is everywhere.... SCS, bloggin, PCP..... and she always leaves encouraging comments.... and I love her jazzy blog music also! She has already been given this award.. but, I can send it to her again, right?

  9. Cindy Motherway - This is My Story - Mothermark - Who doesn't love Cindy's stories and the way she brings humor into everything! She makes me laugh.. and I love to laugh! And maybe I should include her 'Photographer', cause without him, we wouldn't get to see her fabulous creations.

  10. Nicole Verkooijen - High Hopes Design Diva - I mean really, have you seen her stuff! I am so grateful she also offers her blog in English - hooray! I want to color like she does when I grow up!

So.. I hope you have/take the time to check out these ladies blogs, they are incredibly talented, not to mention their blogs are pretty cool. Thanks to these ladies, among many others, who inspire me in my hobby! Smoochies!


Gina K. said...

Bee, you are too sweet! What an honor. Thank you so much!

Tenia Nelson said...

Thanks so much my dear!!! You Rock!!! Hope you are well....

Mothermark said...

Hey Bev....took me awhile to break away from the tea party but I am here! Giggle!

Thank you so much for honoring me with your blog award! I prepared a speech of acceptance but someone knocked over a cup of tea and I can't remember it all! But the good thing is, now I have really cool tea stained paper to put on a card! Whoo Hoo!

Thank you so much for the kind words....I appreciate you thinking of me and I kindly accept your award!

Whew, hope that was within the 5 minute acceptance speech time limit!

Anne said...

Awww you sweety peety!! I'm so honored!! Especially considering who it came from and the stampers you nominated along with me! It's good to be loved!! Speaking of, I love that you gave one the awards to Shelli!! {{{hugs GF!!}} :)


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