Thursday, July 30, 2009

The 'Old Salt's' Trip Offshore at Oregon Inlet, NC...

Well, I just got off the phone with my Dad, who was very excited and eager to share his latest fishing tale with me ~ this time backed by photos from the Oregon Inlet Online Fishing Report Page for July 29, 2009, 3rd photo in the series and also shared here. Dad tells me, Mom will be emailing additional photos forthwith (Ummm, still waiting Mom. Understandably you have been in the kitchen all day canning the spoils of the trip. Please save some for me!).
He and his friend, Carl, (both who would be considered 'old salts' in regard to the telling of fish tales), chartered a boat from Orgeon Inlet, NC. They traveled off shore to the the Gulf Stream Current (also known as the 'river' in the ocean), and although the water was extremely rough, they had a wonderful fishing trip catching large tuna and Mahi-Mahi.
I just had to share this photo of them after their return. I love hearing my Dad get excited about something he is so passionate about. Carl is on the left, my dad is on the right.
Of course they enjoyed the spoils of their catch with family and friends last night, and Mom spent today canning tuna. Mmmmm! I can't wait to get a jar of it!
I suppose that tomorrow I will call to tease him about spending all day catching 'chickens' - you know 'chickens of the sea'.
He sure is good at catching those sea chickens - LOL!

Friday.. edit to add..
Here are a couple of more photos emailed to me, from Mom, for your viewing pleasure.. The first is of the Mahi-Mahi, which is a gorgeous fish when in the water - a dazzling, bright, greenish fading to blue (my favorite stamping color combos) Unfortunately, it loses some of that brilliance once out of the water. The second is the tuna.
btw.... she is still canning tuna!


Laurie in MN said...

I loved seeing the pictures. My Dad fishes for salmon and trout in Lake Michigan. He would be thrilled to have a chance for the tune and other fish.

Julia Aston said...

Wow - what a great pair of fishermen!! how exciting that must have been and what great fish they caught! thanks for sharing these great pics Beverly!


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