Sunday, October 16, 2011


...Now that's a mouth full!  We interupt this HYCCT Challenge for a History Project. My daughter Sarah has a project due in November. Not one to procrastinate, we have to work on it and finish it NOW! We bought a tube of Powhatan Indians, gathered sand from the sandbox, twigs from the woods and raided some of my crafty supplies to make her interpretation of Werewocomoco: village of the Algonquin Indian Chief Powhatan. I love that she picked Powhatan instead of the Jamestown settlers. Werewocomoco is located in my native stomping grounds of Gloucester, VA. I think Sarah did a fine job with her project. She made everything except the teepee and I was in charge of the hot glue gun. I think it looks fantastic.

She painted the box first.
Next, she added the sand.
She made a fence across the back of the box with sticks applied with hot glue gun.

Viola!  Fence is up.
She made the Long House by tearing various shades of brown and tan cardstock glued to base with gluestick.

Teepee is made with crinkled cardstock brushed with brown ink.

She added the people with hot glue and made trees using sticks and moss.

Sarah with her project.  Awesome!

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Michelle said...

Sarah did an awesome job!!!! I wished I could get my kids to not procrastinate on their projects --- what is your secret?

Michele K said...

Awesome job, Sarah! A+ for sure!

Monica Hunter said...

Wow, what an awesome project Sarah!! That's definitely something to be proud of! :)


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