Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have been super beesy these days, with school, and carpool, and girl scouts starting back up, and laundry, and life... Whew! If you've stopped by and wondered where the heck I've been.. well, not at home... and not in my stamp room... which may explain the tremers I've been having. Withdrawl can be sooo awful. I hope to make it down to the stamp room tonight and work on some cards and challenges and even paint something (that one was for my Mom).. that I have neglected... baaad stamper, bad! Hope to post some cool stuff tomorrow... *wink*.....maybe even a Blog Candy give-away for all of my faithful readers!


Joan Ervin said...

Hey, girlfriend....I have missed you smiling face in the gallery!!! I started a new blog last week and I have already been tagged...I am passing on the honor to you...what are friends for???heeheehee
Go to my blog for details..

Anonymous said...

Hey Beverly, What a cute idea. Heres to many many hits. : )

Darlene said...

Anonymous was me, I hit send too soon. I told you I was computer challenged.

Julia Aston said...

It's so hard to juggle it all isn't it! I have trouble and my son is grown and gone!


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