Saturday, May 10, 2008


I am posting this early, because I do not plan on being online on Mother's Day. So, Happy Mother's Day to my mom and my mother-in-law, as well as my fellow bloggers, SCSers, demos, etc., etc.... hope you day is filled with love!
I am already feeling the "love"... my kids brought home some of the sweetest gifts for me that they made at school.. take a look.. Not to mention they are getting "me" a dog, who will be coming home on Thursday. Yep, they say is it for me, but I know it is really for them and my DH! We went to the Humane Society and decided to rescue a hound.. yep, you read right - a hound, kind-a mix. His name is Blackjack and he is the most, mmmm, how shall I say it, ah, interesting looking dog I have ever seen. He will be Snuggles new friend. I hope she lets him know who is in charge! After he is "altered," we will bring him home. I'm so excited to get to train another dog on the invisible fence - NOT! I will post pics of him when he comes home.

Above right is from Allison,

Left is from Andrew, and below is from Sarah.

Snuggles.... isn't she so cute! She came to us from a lady who just didn't have time for her. We sure love her!


Tabitha said...

Such sweet gifts from the kiddos!

I can't believe you are getting another dog!!! Good luck. Snuggles is cute and you know if he is ever bad you can ship him over for a cold Montana winter. LOL

Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, I love all the nice gifts from the sweeties. You sure do need another dog for YOU!!! Than's funny. MOM

Julia Aston said...

Happy Mother's Day Beverly! I love your kid's gifts - how sweet! I miss getting those wonderful hand made things (my Josh is 30!) He did buy me a beautiful hanging fuschia plant - and a funny singing card though. I have some of his art work from when he was a youngster that I get out at the appropriate holiday and I have a lot of clay sculpture things he made in high school - he is artistic but doesn't pursue it at the moment despite mother's attempted encouragement!

I love your doggie - he looks so cute and fun! and now you have 2??? hope they like each other! can't wait to see a pic of him!


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