Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This card is made for Carol. Carol is the MIL of my close friend Lauren. Here is her story...

It all started with a cold and feeling tired all of the time, then never really being able to get well. Carol has Mantle Cell Lymphoma, which is a very rare cancer. Because of its rarity, her doctor recommended she go to NIH (National Institute of Health) in Bethesda, MD, and be seen. This is one of the top research hospitals in the nation. NIH has a team of doctors there who specialize in this type of cancer. She started chemo. on the 25th of July, and is due to lose her hair in about a week and a half. Carol is very optimistic and loves the care she is receiving at NIH.

Any card you could make to brighten her day would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you in advance for the love and kindness that I know you will show to Carol by sending her a card. I am certain that she will be deeply moved and comforted.

SCSers please PM me on SCS for her address..


Annapurna said...

Yesterday I saw the sketch and thought it was really nice. Today this card is even better. Very nice! great job!

Julia Aston said...

Beautiful card for the sketch Beverly! I love the colors and beautifully colored image! Nice job!!


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