Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We had a great weekend! David, the kiddos, and I went to visit my parents this past weekend and celebrate Dad's birthday. It just so happened to coincide with the Crab Festival - hooray! We had fantastic weather and enjoyed being with family.. About 2.5 hours into our return trip home, my mom called to tell us that she found my camera - I left it on her desk!! I nearly hyperventilated! So, without a camera, I have no photos of all of the cool stuff I am making to share with you. *pout* So, just check back at the end of the month.. I should have some pics to share then.. even those of my folks sportin' the "crab hats" from the festival and the guy who couldn't clean the softshells fast enough for the hungry mob that wanted them - LOL! They were soooo tasty! mmmmmm!
Happy stamping.. and until then.. I'll just be blog hoppin'!


Joan Ervin said...

What a bummer....I will pout right along with ya!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend...the crab sounds yummy and I bet the scenery was gorgeous!!!!!

Julia Aston said...

I don't know how you will be able to stand it!! sounds like you had a fun visit though! you'll be busy catching us up when you get your camera back!!

stampinsilvia said...

ohh pooo, I'm sorry you left it...that really stinks! Maybe she can mail it to you, if you feel comfortable with that!


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