Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well, hello again to all of my blogging buddies! Thanks for hanging in there while I waited to get my camera back from my parents. After they visited a couple of weekends ago, my DS and I came down with a super-nasty bug that knocked us off of our feet for a week! I am glad to finally be back to stamping and not feeling so miserable.
Thanks to Sylvia for tagging me. I am to list seven things about myself, which I will do at the end of this post.

First of all, I am happy to report that I have offically caught up on all of the DDC Challenges. Here they are in no particular order.

This is a CD Holder and this challenge was issued by Julia aka artystamper

This card is for the challenge issued by Anne aka jdmommy. She wanted us to do something with a envelope... which naturally turned into a letter to Santa from me. Hope he gets it *wink*

And, last but not least is the challenge from Joan Ervin. She wanted us to make something sweet and pink.

Tonight, I was also able to play along in a few of the Mini VSN Challenges. Here are those cards in no particular order.

Tomorrow I have some stamp-a-stack cards to share, and I will hopefully be able to make a card for the featured stamper.

Now...The Tag...Seven Odd/Weird Things About Me..

1. When I look at magazines, I read them back to front, not the same with books tho'.
2. When I get to laughing really hard, I snort. *embarassing*
3. I have a thing about keeping my hands clean, I wash them all of the time.
4. I have never colored my hair.
5. I have never had braces - check out my teeth.. they are pretty straight tho!
6. I was named after my Aunt Beverly, and I never had the chance to meet her.
7. I was the first girl at my High School to get a Letterman's jacket in Field Hockey - Go DUKES!

And I tag the following bloggahs... be sure to check out their blogs.. they have super stuff to share! It's ALL good!
1. Joan Ervin (Dirty Girl, I'm secretly hoping some of her dirt will rub off on me!) - Stamping with a Passion
2. Anne Harada (secret mastermind behind the whole DDC) - Everlasting Ink
3. Holly (my new bloggin buddy and super-talented stamper) - Hog Wild About Stamping
4. Tabitha Anderson (the first friend I made on SCS) - Tabitha Stamps!
5. Cindy Motherway (She makes me laugh and always has a good story to tell) - This is My Story
6. Annapurna (My DSS and sweet friend from Missouri via India) - Inspired by Nature
7. Kari (my fellow Little Debbie stampin' it West Coast style!) - Dragonfly Impressions


Holly said...

Wow Beverly, you've been a busy bee! LOL! I love the stuff you've made; especially the letter to Santa card! That is so cute!
Thanks for the tag! I'm glad you're feeling better.

Annapurna said...

You sure did catchup. All lovely creations too.

I do that with magazines too. When it comes to books it is first 10 and last 10 unless it really takes me into it.

By the way, I am from India, but now live in Missouri ;-)

Mothermark said...

You have been very productive since you got to feeling better! All of your projects were wonderful....its exciting to get caught up on something huh!

You snort when you laugh? Snort!!!

Thank you for tagging me....I feel honored. And thank you so much for always checking in on me..I enjoy your smiling face...and by the way, your teeth are looking good...straight and good!


Joan Ervin said...

Glad to see you are back in business, Beverly!!! All your projects are super AWESOME!! Love all the DDC barely escaped the challenge police but I got your back, girlfriend!!! Soooo, you read magazines back to front, hummmm, I have been known to do that a few times....snorting and no braces are on my list, too...sounds like we are soul sisters!!! I will try to do you proud with my list!!!

Julia Aston said...

Wonderful challenge cards Beverly! Fun things to know about you too! I had braces from age 5 through college!!


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