Sunday, March 2, 2008

Did you know I paint???

That's right... I also love to paint, although I haven't done so in quite some time... As you can see from the pictures below... there was the birdhouse phase.. followed by furniture.. then my mom had me help her with some dried flowers.. which was very fun. The birdhouses and chairs came from Michaels, I used some foam stamps, stencils, and also did some freehand work. Stamps are so versatile! At one time, Allison's room had these bugs painted on her wall as well... yep, by me... Sarah had groovy girls on her walls.. and one with some crazy scenese from Dr. Suess' "Great Day for Up!" I painted those silly elephants and the giraffe with the monekeys hanging off of his neck.. he went from floor to ceiling.... I thought I took pictures, but I guess not.. I don't know where they are. Since we moved I haven't painted anything. Sarah keeps requesting a "rainbow" room.. and Allison is just happy with the horse murals that I put up - wallpaper.. thank goodness, cause I can't draw horses, much less paint them! And of course you can tell that Sarah's chair still isn't finished. I started this when she was about 1.5.... she is now 5... still not finished... It seems I lost my mojo for this chair. I still remember the idea... and you can see that I penciled in the images on the seat... and the mushroom still isn't finished. I think I should surprise her one day and just get it done! Problem is.... where are my paints? In a box somewhere... but where? So... just wanted to share something other than cards. I do love to paint...

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