Friday, March 21, 2008


So yesterday I saw on Julia's blog - Create With Me - that she tagged me.
That means that I am now supposed to list 7 Random Things about myself.
So here are some things that make me who I am.

1. The beach is my favorite place. I love the ocean, the smell of saltwater in the air. I grew up on the coast and now live in the Blue Ridge Mtns of VA... and I miss the sand, the air, the ocean breeze, fresh seafood, blue crabs that pinch your toes, the Colonial Pkwy that runs through Yorktown, a seagull's cry, the way the air gets charged with electricity just before a summertime thunderstorm, the way a broken down boat stranded on land looks so lonesome and sad, the spray that covers your face when your riding on a boat as it bounces along the top of the water, the way certain folks from where I grew up say things like "high tide," and call everyone "dahlin,'" and the fields of daffodils that grace the land on those long, country roads that wind their way through Gloucester..... I could go on forever.

2. I am the first in my family to attend college. I have two degrees and am a stay-at-home mom. I wouldn't change it for the world!

3. I was held at the border of Romania in a train car with 60 other college students in my group. We were not allowed in - no explanation. They removed our car from the rest of the train, letting the train procede. We stayed. They went through all of our belongings, this was a very odd feeling. Two guards took up residence at each end of our train car with sub-machine guns. They kept us there for 24 hours before sending us back to Budapest, Hungary the next mornning. Yet, I was never even afraid. This was in November, that December, the Romainians killed their leader (1989).. do you remember that?!? I'm so glad they didn't let us in! I love the USA! We then flew on to Moscow where we were given pig tongue for our "in-flight" meal - Yuck! I'll stick to pretzels thank you!

4. I can't do anything without making a big mess! You should see my stamp table right now!!

5. I have trouble throwing things away. 'Cause you never know... I might need that tiny piece of crooked paper.. LOL

6. I used to think that teaching a classroom of 25 5th graders was hard work, now I'm a SAHM of 3... that classroom gig was a piece of cake!

7. I love anything crafty that I can do with my hands... notice, I didn't say I was good at everything, but I do like to try and learn. I fantasize about living in an artisan commune, where I can stamp, draw, paint, sew, whatever...whenever I want...and learn from others. I would also love to travel some more and see some of the awesome things God created before my time is up.....


Tabitha said...

Hmmmm the dp looks fabulous!!

Easter is a time to remember Christ and his sacrifice for each of us. Sometimes though I think it is all about the Easter Bunny and what he leaves behind ;)

Julia Aston said...

Fun things to know Beverly! love your description of the place you grow up and the things that you miss! It almost takes me there!


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