Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Faux Cloisonne' & Using Up Scraps...

If you paper craft, you know about scraps... that one word conjurs up many pictures I am sure. How to organize, what to save, what to throw away?? I cannot bring myself to throw away good paper.. cause you never know.. one day, I might need that scrap! Today, I decided that I would use only scraps (with exception to card bases).. and put all of those Cloisonne' flowers that I went crazy stamping the other day, to good use. So.. I will not bore you with the details. If you want directions for making your own Cloisonne' card, you will find it in the previous post. I made a ton of cards with these things, as well as decorated some favor boxes.. yet, I still have 10 of them left. I guess they will adjorn to my scrap box with the rest of the red-headed step children - lol!

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