Sunday, July 24, 2011


I wanted to share with you some pictures of the GNO (Girl's Night Out) stamp night that I hosted with some of my best friends.  I decided to go with a summer theme featuring Hambo stamps.  I invited Monica, owner of Hambo Stamps, to join us.... and she did!  (I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to design for Hambo this summer!)  We had an AWESOME time!   I invited my guests to wear flip-flops to enter the drawing for a door prize.  Here is a picture of Renee's. 

She decided to embellish her's with some gi-normous google eyes adhered with glue dots (of course).. We all got a great laugh.  I had planned to take a picture of everyone's feet all lined up, but simply forgot.  The ladies wore some amazing flip-flops. 
Here is a picture of Michele and Kacey with the jellyfish card.  Michele was the door prize winner.

Below is Linda, Sharon, and Emily

Below is Jeanette, Michele, Kacey, Monica, Lori, and Purvi

Below is Edith, Mary, Renee, and Betty (busy stamping)

Last, but not least, is a picture of Monica and me.  We had a great time!
Thanks to Michele one 'l' for taking this photo!

I have some amazing friends and love that I get to share my passion for stamping with them. 
Next post will feature the cards we made. 
A big THANK-YOU to Monica for joining us and sharing some Hambo love!!


ediesintheattic said...

Thanks Beverly for a great GNO! I had the best time ever! I think a fantastic time was had by all! Can we do it again?! Soon?!Many thanks to Monica for her Hambo goodies and again to you for hosting such a fun get together! Summertime....YAY!

Timbo said...

Great pics Beverly! It was nice to meet you and your family. We'll have to come back up that way this fall.

Judy Rozema said...

Oh what fun!! Looks like such a great time and I am jealous!!

Monica Hunter said...

YAY -- SO much fun! Thanks so much for including me Beverly! And I truly enjoyed meeting all of your friends too! :)

NoraAnne said...

OH, this looks like so much FUN and I'm jealous because I don't have ANY stamping friends in real life :( Only online ones!
Those flip flops with the googly eye feet are SO funny! Thanks for sharing all the fun!

Libby Hickson said...

This looks like so much fun!!

Proudmoms said...

Your creations are amazing.


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